AirDrop wars between teenagers are apparently a thing. Teens use the file sharing tool to send each other memes and other content, and adults are getting caught in the crossfire. YouTuber and Adobe Spark product manager Veronica Belmont was amongst those who told their story to The Atlantic.

Anyone who has accidentally left their AirDrop settings open to everyone around a group of teens is likely familiar with the deluge of memes, selfies, and notes that arrives so quickly it can often freeze your phone. “Another day another group of French teens trying to AirDrop me memes on the subway,” one woman tweeted. “in a crowd of teens and they keep trying to AirDrop me memes!!!” said another. One young Twitter user joked that she was going to a music festival last weekend “just to AirDrop”… The photos swapped are usually memes or odd pictures teens find on Google Images.

Check It Out: Teen AirDrop Wars Get Serious

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  1. wab95


    One can quibble over its definition and even whether this qualifies, but youth ably demonstrate the infinite expression of human genius.

    At least now I’ve been warned; AirDrop wars are a thing.

    This appears to be the targeted iPhone version of a DNS attack, courtesy of AirDrop. Brilliant.

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