The Price Users Put on Their Data

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How much is your personal data worth to you? According to one survey reported on by MediaPost, for nearly 50 percent of respondents it is less than $10.

They place more value on their personal data and the importance of keeping their information secure. In fact, their willingness to share a home address dropped 10 percentage points, while willingness to share their spouse’s first and last name dropped 8 percentage points; sharing their personal email address, 7 percentage points; and sharing first and last names, 6 percentage points. The report also examines how consumers value their data, revealing that they don’t put a high price on the data they will share. More than one-third said they would give it away and nearly half would sell it for less than $10, while about 13% would sell for between $11 and $20, and about 4% would want more than $20 for each piece of data

Check It Out: The Price Users Put on Their Data

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