Brad Payne is a former digital advertising manager for Apple News. Fast Company revealed the story of how he created the Walker Trolley golf cart. You can certainly see the influence of his time at Apple in the story.

Golf cart design became mainly focused on “how tight can I fold it. Put a knob here, another hinge there. Put a racing stripe on it!” Trying to create the smallest folding pushcart is, according to Payne, “a fine goal. A very utilitarian goal. But because of that, the industry kind of converged around a similar design. Everybody kind of copied everyone else.” The starting point for the Walker Trolley, Gibson says, was not how the thing was going to look in the trunk of a car. “Should it fold simply? Yeah, but that shouldn’t drive the design. We want it to present your bag in a beautiful way, using the materials that respect the past.”

Check It Out: This ex-Apple ad Manager Created The Ultimate Golf Cart

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