Do you tip your Uber driving? No? Turns out 60 percent of us never do. That’s according to a new paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research, reported on by The Verge.

The paper was authored by Stanford University’s Bharat Chandar and University of California-San Diego’s Uri Gneezy, as well as John List, former chief economist at Uber who is now at Lyft, and Ian Muir, current head of economics at Lyft. The researchers were uniquely positioned: in addition to combining big data analyzation with field experimentation, the team actually helped Uber implement its in-app tipping option, which rolled out in June 2017. As such, they were able to develop data from more than 40 million trips. What they found was not a whole lot of tipping. Roughly 16 percent of Uber rides are tipped. Yet, most riders (60 percent) never tipped over the research team’s four weeks of data collection. Of those who do tip, very few (1 percent) tip on every trip. The remainder of people only tip on about 25 percent of trips.

Check It Out: Only One Percent of Customers Always Tip Their Uber Driver

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  1. macjeffff

    I suspect most of us know how low-end jobs work. Tips are an essential part of the driver/server/etc.’s income. Not tipping the driver is inconceivable to me. I’m happy to be a one-percenter.

  2. davebarnes

    The whole raison d’être of Uber when it launched was: fixed price, no tipping, pay magically.
    I don’t tip.

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