Top Websites Are Part of Bad Password Security Problem

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We talked about password security during Thursday’s TDO, including the need for people to unique passwords at every website and a password manager (I love 1Password) to keep track of them. Another thing we mentioned was how baffling it is when a website forces us to use bad passwords. Timing is everything, because a University of Plymouth study found that top websites are a big part of the problem when it comes to password security practices. Here’s a quote from the study taken fromĀ TechCrunch‘s excellent writeup on the subject.

It is somewhat disappointing to find that the overall story in 2018 remains largely similar to that of 2007. In the intervening years, much has been written about the failings of passwords and the ways in which we use them, yet little is done to encourage or oblige us to follow the right path.

Check It Out: Top Websites Are Part of Bad Password Security Problem

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