Sleep trackers, including apps on the Apple Watch, have become increasingly popular. However, an article for Wired suggests they may not be doing us all that much good.

Sleep has become one more thing to feel guilty about, even when the data we’re consulting is often flawed or incomplete. It’s one more number we didn’t hit, one more goal we didn’t achieve. Pangs of guilt follow every new study reminding us of this magical panacea, if we would just turn off Netflix, forget our social lives, emails, and all the dishes in the sink, and just climb into bed. Sleep may be a biological necessity, but our stress over it is a choice. So let’s put the issue to bed. Hit the snooze button on this one!

Check It Out: Why You Should Turn Off Your Sleep Tracker

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  1. Manqueman

    If all one wants to know is whether one had a lousy night’s sleep, an app shouldn’t be needed.
    But there are people who need to know why they don’t sleep well and that’s what a tracker is for.

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