Ubisoft Sues Apple Over ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Copyright


Ubisoft is suing Apple and Google over a Chinese game it calls “a near carbon copy” of its game Rainbow Six: Siege.’

It says it has raised the issue with both Apple and Google, which both take a cut of sales on their respective app stores.

“But rather than take any measures to stop or curtail the infringement… Google and Apple instead decided that it would be more profitable to collect their revenue share from AF2 and continue their unlawful distribution,” Ubisoft says in its court filing.

Do they expect the App Store review team to be able to spot copyright  infringement related to a company that is definitely not their own company, Apple?

Check It Out: Ubisoft Sues Apple Over ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Copyright

One thought on “Ubisoft Sues Apple Over ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Copyright

  • “It says it has raised the issue with both Apple and Google…”

    That’s the key thing. It’s not reasonable to expect Apple to notice copyright infringement in a third-party product. So what, then, was Ubisoft’s “raising” of the issue? A phone call? A letter? Or what?

    And Ubisoft is trying here to have Apple make the determination of infringement. That’s not how it should work. It might be reasonably easy in this instance but that’s not a decision for Apple to make. That’s what Courts are for.

    What SHOULD have been done is for Ubisoft to file in Court for copyright infringement and request a preliminary injunction. If the copying is as blatant as they say, getting the injunction would be easy.

    Next step is for Ubisoft to bring the injunction to Apple, and then Apple will pull the title from the store.

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