Big Tech Sues Patent Office Over Legal-Related Rule

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Apple, Cisco, Intel, and Google have sued the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over it’s recent rule that it can refuse to adjudicate patent claims while litigation about them is pending in court.

The rule, which was introduced by the USPTO in March and became final in May, deals with the agency’s obligations around inter partes review (IPR) — a sort of expert-court process for assessing whether patent claims are valid. USPTO says deferring to an ongoing court case is more efficient than setting up a parallel review internally.

Richard Hoeg’s YouTube Playlist Covers the Epic v. Apple Case

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Lawyer Richard Hoeg made a YouTube playlist that covers the Epic v. Apple case. Each video explains the case for viewers and offers his perspective on it. It’s a great playlist to check out for commentary, especially if you want something more than the boring legal PDFs I’ve been sharing at The Mac Observer.

Apple Sued Over iTunes Gift Card Scams

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Image of iTunes gift card

Seven Apple customers filed an 11-count class action lawsuit against the company, alleging that Apple “knowingly or recklessly enabled an iTunes gift card scam.”

Ubisoft Sues Apple Over ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Copyright

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Ubisoft is suing Apple and Google over a Chinese game it calls “a near carbon copy” of its game Rainbow Six: Siege.’

It says it has raised the issue with both Apple and Google, which both take a cut of sales on their respective app stores.

“But rather than take any measures to stop or curtail the infringement… Google and Apple instead decided that it would be more profitable to collect their revenue share from AF2 and continue their unlawful distribution,” Ubisoft says in its court filing.

Do they expect the App Store review team to be able to spot copyright  infringement related to a company that is definitely not their own company, Apple?