Apple Sues Corellium Over Virtual iOS Copies

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Corellium is a mobile device virtualization company that offers iOS and Apple’s apps in the cloud. Apple is suing the company for damages.

Xiaomi Threatens to Sue Writers Who Cry Copycat Over 'Mimoji'

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I wasn’t going to bother with Xiaomi’s new “Mimoji” until I learned the company is threatening to sue journalists who call it a copycat without providing evidence. It sounds like it’s only writers in China and not journalists in other countries, but that shouldn’t matter.

As Gizmochina notes, PR head Xu Jieyun posted the app’s naming timeline, and said that the “functional logic difference between the two products is huge.” It also promised “the next phase of action” against people who said it was copying Apple’s Memoji without proof.

AT&T Administrative Fee Results in Lawsuit

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AT&T logo

AT&T is being sued in California over its US$1.99/month administrative fee that it doesn’t disclose in its advertised rates.

10 States Sue to Stop Sprint, T-Mobile Merger

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Ten states filed a lawsuit today to stop the Sprint and T-Mobile merger, saying consumers will be hurt due to reduced competition.

Former Apple Lawyer Bruce Sewell Talks iBooks in Interview

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Former general counsel Bruce Sewell explains what went wrong in the iBooks antitrust case. Back in 2013 a court found that Apple conspired with book publishers to raise the price of ebooks. This was in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, which regulates competition among businesses. Mr. Sewell spoke to law students for a YouTube series called “Before You Take the LSAT.”

Apple got involved in a very ugly suit with the US government in the Southern District of New York that had to do with our release of the iBooks Store. I tried to chart a course that I thought was incredibly good for Apple, and would bear legal scrutiny.

Tim Cook, Luca Maestri Sued For Alleged Securities Fraud

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Tim cook

The City of Roseville employee’s retirement fund is suing Apple over alleged securities fraud. Tim Cook and Luca Maestri are listed as defendants.

Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Apple was not initially forthcoming about a drop in demand for the iPhone due to poor sales in China and the 2018 battery replacement program, both of which contributed to lower than expected iPhone sales in the first fiscal quarter of 2019.

Facebook Documents to Show how it Preyed on Kids

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It sounds like some Facebook employees were worried the company was misleading kids who spent their parents’ money on in-app purchases in games.

Voice of Hebrew Siri Sues Apple for Illegitimate Usage

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Ms. Gura-Sini performed the voice for Nuance Communications, which Apple acquired in 2016. She said she only authorized the use of her voice for “legitimate” purposes.