Apple Files Appeal in Copyright Case Against Corellium

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Days after Apple and Corellium reached a settlement, Apple has filed an appeal in the copyright case it lost against the security firm (via Reuters).

Apple Appeals

In one of Apple’s lawsuits against Corellium, it argued that the latter had violated its copyright because everything in iOS was replicated within Corellium’s virtualization platform. Although the judge did not dismiss the copyright claim, the ruling was: “Weighing all the necessary factors, the Court finds that Corellium has met its burden of establishing fair use. Thus, its use of iOS in connection with the Corellium Product is permissible.“

The timing of the appeal is interesting, as Corellium on Monday announced its Open Security Initiative to reward security researchers for their work. The company’s first proposal was to incentive researchers to examine Apple’s CSAM detection system, which was extracted on Tuesday.

One thought on “Apple Files Appeal in Copyright Case Against Corellium

  • Andrew:

    If anything, this court case only underscores the independence, if not the hostile non-collaborative nature, of any findings from this firm’s security assessment of Apple’s CSAM protocol and application. 

    All good. 

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