Developer of ‘FlickType’ Sues Apple Over Apple Watch Keyboards

Apple Watch series 7 keyboard

Kosta Eleftheriou, developer of the FlickType keyboard for Apple Watch, has filed a lawsuit against Apple for fraud.

Apple Watch Keyboards

In early 2021, Mr. Eleftheriou had accused Apple of abusing its monopoly power with App Store regulations. He also pointed out the Store’s problem with scam apps, with many copying his app FlickType. His accusation is that his FlickType Apple Watch keyboard app had been targeted by inferior competitors and that Apple did nothing to protect his App Store ranking against fake reviews.

Further, the App Store review team removed FlickType, saying it didn’t comply with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and that keyboards for the Apple Watch seemingly weren’t allowed. Notably, we saw today in the Apple “California Streaming” event that the Apple Watch Series 7 will include a full QWERTY keyboard by default.

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I honestly don’t know how you would use the keyboard. My finger would never hit less than six keys at the same time.

John Kheit

Apple has had nothing but a spate of really poor decision making over the last few months. This is pretty atrocious. Bad enough they are Sherlocking the guy.