Canadian Court Approves Settlement Over Defective MacBook Pros

Image of 16-inch MacBook Pro

A Canadian court has approved a settlement in a class-action lawsuit dating back to 2014 over defective MacBook Pro models (via PCMag).

Defective MacBook Pros

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple with complaints that 2011 MacBook Pros had graphics problems. These laptops, which used AMD graphics, sometimes malfunctioned and messed up the display. As one customer wrote in 2013:

The computer was working fine, when all of a sudden the screen when completely blue. I had to force restart the computer. Since then, the screen has gone awry on numerous occasions—each time necessitating a hard reset.

Those who live in Quebec and bought a 15- or 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro, or anyone who bought a device in Quebec, can join the settlement. These people can receive CAD$175 and a refund for repair services they paid for.

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