Here's How to Turn Your iPad into a Classic Mac

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Your iPad makes for a pretty good Mac, assuming you’re comfortable doing a little compiling on your own. Mini vMac for iOS turns your iPad into a Mac Plus, Mac II, or Mac 128K with Mac OS 6 or 7. The source code is on GitHub and you’ll need the right ROM and disk images, all of which are available online. It even works with external keyboards and simulates an old school mouse. Mini vMac for iOS is free, and pretty cool to see running on an iPad.

How to Fix the "Date and Time" macOS High Sierra Bug

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15-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pro owners say there's a weird clicking sound coming from their laptop

Over the last couple of weeks, Melissa Holt has come across a weird date and time bug that’s affecting users after updating to macOS High Sierra (or migrating to a new machine). In this Quick Tip, she’s got the details on how to squash this bug (and what you might look for if your problem persists).

There's an Original Mac on Display at Microsoft's Headquarters

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There’s an original Mac on display at Microsoft’s headquarters commemorating the fact that Microsoft Office was released first for Apple’s computer platform, and not the PC. That’s pretty cool because the company could’ve easily chosen to not recognize that bit of history and most people would’ve been none the wiser. Apple played a significant role in Microsoft’s early growth, so seeing a Mac with Office installer floppy discs, as Business Insider notes, next to Bill Gates’ original business card is great. You can check out the ancient Mac at Microsoft’s visitor center in Redmond, Washington.

There’s an Original Mac on Display at Microsoft’s Headquarters