This Mac App Helps You Shoo Away the Flies and Manage Trash

This Mac app called Bananabin makes it more engaging for users to manage their Trash folders. How?

Bananabin functions by monitoring the amount of data stored in the Trash. Users can set a custom threshold for when they’d like to be notified about potential overflow. Once the data surpasses this limit, the app generates an amazing visual cue: animated flies appear around the Trash icon in the dock, just like they would around any trash in real life.

GIF via The Verge

To clear the Trash and remove the flies, users simply need to go to the icon, which prompts the usual emptying process. This app doesn’t do a lot, but these small changes make your screen space worthwhile, and it helps you keep your Mac empty (and clean.)

The app is currently in beta and available for free download from the Bananabin website (email address required). It currently offers three pre-set thresholds for data accumulation (10MB, 1GB, and 10GB). When you think of it, the 10MB threshold is definitely for everyone who has downloaded the app just to see the animation.

However, there are some limitations as of now. Bananabin is currently only compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma; i.e., macOS 15 beta testers won’t be able to use it for now. Additionally, the app cannot monitor Trash located on external drives or utilize iCloud Trash functionality.

In terms of security, Bananabin requires accessibility permission to identify the Trash icon’s location and full disk access to monitor its size. The developers said:

For BananaBin, we need accessibility permission to read out the position of the bin in the dock. As for full disk access, we need this so that we can calculate the disk space that the bin is taking up. When this space is larger than the configured threshold, then the flies will appear.

Hope you have fun with this app. You can download it here.

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