Apple Announces macOS 15 With Apple Intelligence and More

Apple macOS Sequoia announcement

Following the wave of announcements, Apple has just taken the wraps off its newest Operating System (OS) for computers. Focusing heavily on AI features, macOS 15 Sequoia also brings some changes to existing apps.

New AI Features of macOS 15 Sequoia

Akin to the iOS, iPadOS and visionOS updates, macOS 15 has received a number of AI-based improvements. Some of these are, in fact, shared between the systems.

One of these is features is Siri. The virtual assistant now uses AI to integrate complex workflows with apps like Messages and Shortcuts. It’s also capable of working in third-party apps.

Apple also has new features for Safari. The browser has improved search suggestions, and can create summaries of web pages, highlighting the most important information. The Reader mode has also been improved.

Continuity and iPhone Mirroring

macOS Sequoia iPhone Mirroring

While Continuity isn’t a new feature, Apple has improved it in macOS 15 Sequoia. You can now mirror your iPhone’s screen, interacting with it using the trackpad and keyboard. The iPhone’s notifications will appear on your computer, and, when clicked, will open that app on the mirrored screen.

Quality-of-Life Improvements on macOS 15

Minor changes, which might impact the daily usage of your Mac, were also announced by Apple. They’re unlikely to change lives, but are welcome improvements anyway.

While iCloud Keychain isn’t gone, the new Passwords app brings its functionality to a more user-friendly format. It’s similar to login managers like LastPass and 1Password, but tightly integrated with macOS and Apple devices.

FaceTime calls now have a Presenter view, similar to a slideshow presentation, which allows you to see notes while sharing your screen. You can now also replace your video background with other pictures.

Apps now have advanced tiling, a feature long requested by users. You can snap a window to the corner of the screen, and it’ll be resized. Tiling also got new keyboard shortcuts.

Sequoia macOS Beta Starts Today

As usual, Apple’s software announcements are all in beta stage as of now. The macOS Sequoia update will be available for developers today, with the consumer-ready release set to be launched next Fall.

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