Apple’s Back to School Promo Comes to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

Apple's 'Back to School' Promo Kicks Off This Week in U.S. and Canada

After launching the Back to School promo in the US and Canada, Apple is now expanding its student discount promo campaign to more countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Mexico. For those unaware, the Back to School promo usually offers Apple devices such as Macs or iPads at a discounted rate or bundles them with an extra product. Students and faculty members can receive these benefits.

This year, UK faculty members and students enrolled in university can snag up to a £120 Apple gift card when they pick up certain Macs or iPads, which is very similar to the deal in the US and Canada. If you buy a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac, you’ll get a £120 gift card. Opt for a new M4 iPad Pro, M2 iPad Air, or Mac mini, and you’ll receive an £80 gift card instead.

Of course, these gift cards can be used for buying more Apple gear, accessories, and apps from the App Store, signing up for services like Apple Music, storing stuff on iCloud+, and more.

Meanwhile, in most other countries, unlike gift cards, Apple is bundling AirPods with every Mac or tossing in an Apple Pencil with every iPad sold through its education microsite. In addition, students are also eligible for AppleCare+ at a 20% discount.

That said, Apple’s Back to School Promotion will run until October 21, 2024, in many of the countries mentioned above. However, it wraps up in September in certain places like Mexico.

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