Here’s How Apple Users Could Use Apple Intelligence Features

Apple Intelligence Features

It’s been a week since Apple’s WWDC keynote, but the buzz around it doesn’t seem to stop. For obvious reasons, one of which is Apple officially joining the Artificial Apple Intelligence party.

Of course, Apple showed numerous regular users use the AI features and how useful they can be. Although these features are yet to be made available for everyone, as iOS 18 is still months away and some features will require an iPhone 15 Pro, a recent report from CIRP gives us a peek into where Apple Intelligence might really shine.

CIRP utilizes its data to understand how Apple users would react to this and how they would likely use these features on their devices. According to the report, not every category they considered will experience a ‘significant impact’ from Apple Intelligence.

However, two activities that stand out are sending texts and emails, which could see substantial improvements with Apple Intelligence’s new language and writing tools. I second that LLMs and AI in general are being extensively used to draft emails. And it’s not completely new, in fact, a report from Stanford University in 2020 pointed out that AI can suggest wording and complete sentences, but of course, there’s always a risk of bias and trust. Nevertheless, it comes as a savior for spellcheck and autocorrect.

Another potential hit could be Genmoji for creating personalized emojis, especially given many people prefer texting over phone calls, according to various studies. Moreover, the report says that Apple Intelligence will likely make Siri much better at helping you find things online. Given how much everyone likes adding a touch to photos, it’s yet another likely high-use case.

Furthermore, early speculations suggest that Apple Intelligence will lead to a surge in iPhone upgrades, mainly because of its power-packed features.

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