'Pixelmator Pro' 2.2 Update Adds 28 Actions for Shortcuts

macOS Monterey has been released and apps are updating with support for the system. Notably, Shortcuts has made its way to Mac for the first time, and Pixelmator Pro 2.2 Carmel added 28 actions. “Shortcuts makes its grand entrance to the Mac and boy do we love it. So much so that we’ve added 28 dedicated Pixelmator Pro actions, including all our ML-based tools (Super Resolution, Enhance, Denoise, Match Colors, and Crop). We’ve also got some new, Shortcuts-exclusive features, like automatic background removal for photos of people.”

2021 MacBook Pro Review Says Device is Great for Content Creators

PCMag has a review of the 14-inch MacBook Pro and the 16-inch model. Both are positive with the 14-inch Pro receiving a slightly higher score.

The new 14-inch MacBook Pro has so many advantages over the 13-inch model that, if you are a professional user bound to macOS, and with the cash to invest in a seriously capable workhorse, your decision really comes down to whether you should buy the 14-inch or the 16-inch model. You can safely leave the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro model off the list.

'Diagrams' 2.2 Update Adds New Content and Support for Shortcuts

Diagrams 2.2 comes with three brand-new Shortcuts actions for creating and exporting documents, which will help users simplify recurring tasks through automation. In Apple’s new Shortcuts app available with macOS Monterey, users can build custom workflows for: creating new diagrams; reusing custom palettes; exporting, post-processing, and sharing exported diagrams; and much more. Thanks to the deep system integration and the possibility of linking built-in and third-party actions, the use cases are almost endless. It’s only the beginning of automation features in Diagrams, but the team sees great potential in that space.

The MacBook Pro May Not Get a Cellular Model Until 2024

For now, photographers and other people in the field will have to tether their MacBook Pro to their iPhone to actually upload their content.

Apple’s 5G laptop strategy right now is to tell you to buy an iPhone. The math is pretty simple: Qualcomm’s modems, which Apple has a deal to use at least through 2022, are a big cost on Apple’s ledger both financially and politically. Sure, Apple could price Qualcomm-packing laptops so it makes a profit, but the company doesn’t want to be even more dependent on its longtime frenemy as a supplier.

AdGuard for Mac Supports M1, macOS Monterey, adds DNS Filtering

AdGuard for Mac has a new update, and it brings DNS filtering, support for Apple Silicon, and compatibility with macOS Monterey. “From now you needn’t rely on a DNS server provided by your ISP by default, you have the luxury of making choices — cherry-pick DNS servers from known DNS providers or even add custom DNS servers. You can also add domains to DNS blocklist or allowlist and add complicated rules using DNS rules syntax.”

'Total War: ROME REMASTERED' Now Available for M1 Macs

On Thursday, Feral Interactive announced that Total War: ROME REMASTERED is now available on the Mac App Store, complete with native support for Apple silicon. A rebirth of the genre-defining strategy game, ROME REMASTERED comes with an extensive graphical overhaul and improvements to almost every aspect of gameplay. High definition models, textures and visual effects bring the game world to life on modern displays, with 4K optimization, ultra-widescreen and UHD resolution setting the stage for empires to rise again. Also included are two expansion packs which have been given the same remastering treatment as the main game. Recreate history’s most ambitious military campaign in Alexander, or re-write history as marauders encroach on the gates of Rome in Barbarian Invasion.