How to Use AirDrop on Mac

AirDrop is a simple, fast way to wirelessly send files from a Mac to another nearby Mac. (iPhones, iPads and iPod touch will be covered later.) But it has to be set up correctly. Here’s how to use AirDrop on Mac.

Set Up AirDrop

1. In the Finder’s sidebar, select AirDrop. A window will open.

2. The blue text at the bottom left is actually a popup. Click it. Select the mode you want. Do this for all your Macs that you want to use AirDrop with.

3. Make sure all the Macs are on the same local network and also have Bluetooth turned on.

Send a File Using AirDrop

1. In the Finder, right-click the file you want to send.

2. Select Share > AirDrop. Like this:

AirDrop access

3. Next, click on the desired recipient’s icon from the new AirDrop pane.

The file will be copied to the recipient’s Downloads folder. You’ll see a ring-like progress indicator around the recipient’s icon as the file transfers.

Trouble Shooting & Mac Requirements

Apple has a good support document: “Use AirDrop on your Mac.” It has tips, alternate methods, and some notes on requirements for older Macs.

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