How to Format an SD or Micro SD Card on Your Mac

Apple Disk Utility on the Mac

If you have an SD or micro SD card you want to reformat with your Mac it’s a pretty easy process. Read on to learn how.

Before you start, you need to mount the SD or micro SD card on your Mac. If you have a Mac with an SD card slot, use that. If not, you’ll need an SD card adapter like the Anker 8-in-1 card reader. It’s a good deal at US$9.99 on Amazon.

To reformat an SD or micro SD card on your Mac, do this:

  • Launch Disk Utility. It’s in Utilities folder inside the Applications folder.
  • Find and select your SD card in the column on the left
  • Click the Erase tab
Apple Disk Utility on the Mac
Use the Erase tab in Apple’s Disk Utility app to reformat SD cards
  • Choose the format you want from the pop-up menu
  • Click Erase
Disk Utility app on the Mac showing SD card format options
MS-DOS (FAT32) isn’t a formatting option in Disk Utility for 32 GB and smaller SD cards

Disk Utility won’t let you format 32 GB and smaller SD and micro SD cards as MS-DOS (FAT32). You can see the option, but it’s grayed out. That’s because exFAT is the format you should use instead.

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