UK Uber Drivers Now Receive National Living Wage

Uber drivers in the UK now receive the National Living Wage of £8.72 (US$12.18) per hour, following a recent case in the country. BBC News has a good breakdown of what the change means for the ride hailing service, how we got here, and what it might mean for the company more broadly.

The ride-hailing giant said drivers would earn at least the National Living Wage, or £8.72 an hour, in a move that could shake up the wider gig economy. It comes a month after it lost a legal battle in the UK over drivers’ status. Uber said it was “turning the page” on workers’ rights, but some said it had not gone far enough. Analysts also warned the company had increased prices in California after a similar ruling and was likely to do the same in the UK.

Check It Out: UK Uber Drivers Now Receive National Living Wage

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