Apple Rejects Violence, Sex, Politics in Video Platform

News over the weekend report that Apple rejects violence, sex, and politics in the company’s video platform.

The result is an approach out of step with the triumphs of the video-streaming era. Other platforms, such as HBO and Inc., have made their mark in original content with edgier programming that often wins critical acclaim.

And other platforms are free to do so. I personally don’t see a problem with this, and it should come as no surprise since Apple has always positioned itself as family-friendly. It may not explicitly call itself such, but it is. And that’s fine. If I want sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, I can find it on Netflix.

Check It Out: Apple Rejects Violence, Sex, Politics in Video Platform

One thought on “Apple Rejects Violence, Sex, Politics in Video Platform

  • I’m sorry but this is not the century for censorship and puritanical bullshit like pseudo moral arbitrating. It just makes Apple look really stupid and hypocritical. In essence Apple is the reason Playboy took off like gangbusters and changed everything IN THE LAST CENTURY. Once again we have a major company that doesn’t believe in individual rights to view whatever they want and trust that a user if offended – or in this case morally weak and stupid – is too stupid to hit the damn channel button.
    Nice, way to go Apple. “Apple- use our devices to do what EVERYBODY DOES – but we won’t provide the content” – for why again???? Makes ZERO sense unless Apple is butthurt because they have yet to get ANY awards for programming, right???? Again, Nice. 🤡

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