Much international travel is hugely restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s not stopping some keen Japanese travellers though, Reuters reports. They are seeing the world with the help of virtual reality.

Inoue, 56, and his wife “flew” as clients of Tokyo entertainment company First Airlines, which is tapping into a growing virtual reality travel market for Japanese holidaymakers grounded by coronavirus restrictions. “I often go overseas on business, but I haven’t been to Italy,” he told Reuters. “My impression was rather good because I got a sense of actually seeing things there.” Grounded travelers sit in first or business class seats in a mock airline cabin where they are served in-flight meals and drinks, with flat panel screens displaying aircraft exterior views including passing clouds. Virtual reality goggles provide immersive tours at destinations including – as well as Italy’s cities of culture – Paris, New York, Rome and Hawaii.

Check It Out: Virtual Reality Helps Japanese Tourists See The World During COVID-19 Pandemic

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  1. Macsee

    The big problem is not the coronavirus. The big problem is that we are destroying planet Earth and nobody seems to care.

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