Robotics researchers from the Biorobotics Laboratory at Seoul National University created something that belongs in a horror movie. The CaseCrawler is a phone case that lets your phone crawl towards its charger as if it were demon-possessed.

The CaseCrawler prototype doesn’t appear to have any intelligence of its own or the ability to steer; it simply scampers forward in one direction.Thanks to its clever leg design, though, it’s not impeded by smaller obstacles in its path, which it can simply crawl over. Eventually, the smartphone it’s carrying could provide all the smarts and sensors it needs to intelligently find its way around and navigate an area like a desk without scampering off the edge.

“Scampering.” I’m picturing the famous scene from The Exorcist where the girl walks backwards down the stairs.

Check It Out: What if Your Phone Could Crawl Towards its Charger Like a Demon?

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