How to Win an Argument With Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs signed fortune

Steve Jobs was not exactly known for his calm and understanding demeanor. Photographer Doug Menuez encountered this first hand when photographing the Apple co-founder. (A signed copy of the cover shot that day was recently auctioned for over $16,000.) However, he found a way to answer back and win the row. He told Cult of Mac how.

“He took one look at my setup and announced, ‘This is just stupid. We are not doing this,’” Menuez recalled. Jobs then got in Menuez’s face and yelled, “This is the stupidest fucking idea I’ve ever seen!” By this point, everyone else had vanished from the room… “I was absolutely terrified,” Menuez said. “Despite having been shot at, kidnapped, and threatened at knifepoint during my news career I felt as if I was ten years old.” But he kept repeating quietly that he thought it was a good idea and that, having short six covers for Fortune before, Jobs could trust him. Finally, Jobs spat out, “You just want to sell magazines.” Menuez looked at him and said, “And you just want to sell computers.” Jobs laughed and then said, “OK, great. Where do you want me?”

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