A VR Version of Milgram’s Shocking Experiment

Stanley Milgram’s most famous experiment involved taking random people and telling them to electrocute someone who they thought got wrong answers on a quiz. Now there’s a virtual reality version, and the results prove insightful.

During the experiment, participants quizzed a virtual character. A correct answer meant they could move on, while an incorrect answer meant the human participant had to administer a virtual electrical jolt. The scientists noticed that participants sometimes tried to feed the virtual avatar the correct answer by pronouncing it louder — in hopes that they wouldn’t be told to shock them.

Check It Out: A VR Version of Milgram’s Shocking Experiment

One thought on “A VR Version of Milgram’s Shocking Experiment

  • I find one part very telling. From the Abstract:

    While the findings of Milgram’s famous Yale Obedience studies [1, 2] remain compelling after half a century, his explanation of these findings has become increasingly unconvincing.

    Perhaps they are missing a significant aspect. The original experiment took place in an era when authority, instructors, government leaders, bosses were trusted and obedience was the automatic norm. Now half a century later people have grown up being lied to and learning to distrust the above. Perhaps the different out come of the more recent experiments is due to a changing society. Less willing to obey orders because the4y are given. More willing to resist when something feels wrong. Changing for the better IMO.

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