ChargeHub V6 Shareable Car Charger 2-Pack: $51.99

ChargeHub V6 Shareable Car Charger: 2-Pack

We have a deal on a nifty car charger, especially for families. It consists of two parts, the first of which is a two-port charger that plugs into your car’s auxiliary port (i.e. “cigarette lighter,” for those of a certain age among us). It also has a power port of its own designed for a 5-foot cable that attaches to a 4-port hub for the back seat. That’s 6 ports if you need them, and just two if you don’t. And that hub has a clip that lets you attach it to a back seat. It’s $51.99 through our deal.

Check It Out: ChargeHub V6 Shareable Car Charger 2-Pack: $51.99

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