Carbon Copy Cloner users recently noticed a warning that ONE file, /private/var/db/fpsd/dvp, isn’t being backed up. Here’s why. (tl;dr. It’s not a problem.) This Apple discussion explains the situation for this user:

Carbon Copy Cloner gives me an error when I finish backing up, saying I can’t copy this file to my backup drive because it didn’t have permissions. What is it, and is it safe to use the backup without this file? When I go to the file in Finder, the folder it’s in doesn’t give me access.

Check It Out: macOS: What is /private/var/db/fpsd/dvp and Why Doesn’t it Get Backed Up?

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  1. archimedes

    TL;DR: this “super secret” directory is part of Apple’s FairPlay DRM/copy protection scheme, and you’re not supposed to tamper with it.

    fpsd seems to be a demon that is part of Apple’s CoreFP subsystem, which apparently implements Apple’s FairPlay Digital Rights Management (DRM), which I believe is used for iTunes video (both streaming and downloads) and Apple Music (both streaming and downloads, presumably.)

  2. archimedes

    This doesn’t explain it at all or answer the question!

    Could you please answer the question? What is it? Why doesn’t it get backed up?

  3. Macsee

    Thanks. Suggestion: to include also a brief summary in your articles pointing to other external ones.

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