What is the World Economic Forum Doing About Blockchain?

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The World Economic Article advises companies to integrate blockchain technology, writing about “middleware” such as Chainlink (LINK).

While there remains a general assumption that blockchain technology is still in its early stages, in reality, it is already entering the early phase of majority adoption, especially by the finance industry. Recalling the massive digital transformation propelled by the internet, many forward-thinking enterprises in the finance sector and beyond are already taking important steps to become blockchain-ready.

I think it’s interesting that WEF is talking about blockchain stuff. It’s also good news for companies such as Chainlink, because they make it easy for stuff on a blockchain to interact with stuff off the chain. Disclaimer – LINK is one of the cryptocurrencies I invest in.

Check It Out: What is the World Economic Forum Doing About Blockchain?

One thought on “What is the World Economic Forum Doing About Blockchain?

  • Andrew:

    Very nice read.

    As major financial institutions begin to adopt blockchain technologies, aided by the rise of increasingly smart and capable middleware, risk associated with any one blockchain option will be minimised and likely adaptively managed courtesy of AI, for users and the average consumer. It will be this type of financial and corporate sector adoption that will take this mainstream and make these technologies accessible to the average consumer (eg possibly via Apple Card and Apple Pay).

    While this could be a relatively rapid uptake in usage, particularly once it achieves critical mass popularity, I suspect that fiat currencies will remain in place and peacefully coexist for the foreseeable future, as the majority of the planet’s inhabitants will have limited, if any, access to these novel solutions. However, these technologies, even for these populations, could be fairly easily adopted, and should prove far more secure than their reliance on standard currency options. Between political instability and high crime rates, blockchain solutions could provide a stabilising force for inhabitants of low and middle income countries.

    Thanks for highlighting!

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