Where Are we With The 5G Rollout?

5G wireless and iPhone 12

5G is on the way, probably including a compatible iPhone in 2020. ArsTechnica has a good rundown of the state of the rollout of the superfast network.

The first thing to know about 5G is that it’s a family affair—and a sometimes-dysfunctional one. Wireless carriers can deploy 5G over any of three different ranges of wireless frequencies, and one of them doesn’t work anything like today’s 4G frequencies. That’s also the one behind the most wild-eyed 5G forecasts. Millimeter-wave 5G occupies bands much higher than any used for 4G LTE today—24 gigahertz and up, far above the 2.5 GHz frequency of Sprint, hitherto the highest-frequency band in use by the major US carriers.

Check It Out: Where Are we With The 5G Rollout?

One thought on “Where Are we With The 5G Rollout?

  • The most important line from the article:

    A November report from Ericsson predicted that worldwide, 5G would at best cover 65% of the world’s population by 2025

    No reason for most people to wait for it. It won’t be to my and likely your neighbourhood for a few years, and when it does arrive, the difference will be trivial for most people.

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