Windows 11: What Apple Can Learn From Microsoft’s Upcoming OS

Windows 11

Microsoft recently unveiled Windows 11. With the first test builds now available, Mac user Parker Ortolani decided to give it try for 9to5Mac and see if there is anything Apple can learn from it.

Windows has never looked “beautiful.” It’s always been a mashup of different eras going back to the ’90s with some paint on the surface. Windows 10 did a nice job of covering up some of the mess and it made the OS more usable. But Windows 11’s biggest feature by far is its new design language that extends across the system. It’s still familiar and recognizable as Windows, but it feels like they really care about the way this operating system looks and feels in a way they haven’t before. The company has implemented a fresh new look for the task bar and the start menu. Icons have fun new playful animations, and many also have a new look with more personality and depth. The default wallpapers included in Windows 11 complement the new taskbar really nicely as well.

Check It Out: Windows 11: What Apple Can Learn From Microsoft’s Upcoming OS

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