Zoom Meetings: Bookstore Helping Make Bookshelf Background’s Better

Bookshelf in office

A nearly 200-year-old bookstore in Boston is adapting to the age of Zoom, Inc. reported. It is curating collections of books for customers that they can have in the background in order to give off the right impression.

The Brattle Book Shop, founded in Boston in 1825 and acquired by the Gloss family in 1949, inhabits a three-story gray brick building near the Boston Common. Ken Gloss, president and owner since 1985, believes his used-and-rare-book business can survive up to a year of pandemic with no layoffs. For the time being he, his wife, and their staff of eight are trying to be productive while awaiting the return of foot traffic. The store’s new service: selling curated selections of books for display in the backgrounds of video meetings. “People want to project an image of prestige and expertise,” says Gloss, who is also an appraiser on Antiques Roadshow. “They are looking to show off intellectually, politically, and business-wise.”

Check It Out: Zoom Meetings: Bookstore Helping Make Bookshelf Background’s Better

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