Is AppleCare+ Worth It for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in 2024?

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AppleCare+ is something Apple recommends bundling with most of its products, especially Mac and iPhone. Indeed, you get protection from accidental damages with the package. However, AppleCare+ for Mac comes with its caveats. So, the question remains: is AppleCare+ worth it for MacBook Air/Pro in 2024?

AppleCare+ for MacBook Air/Pro: Coverage

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We will quickly look at what is covered in the AppleCare+ for Mac package. We have listed options that are available for portable Macs: MacBook Air and Pro.

Support Options

You can avail of the following benefits while seeking support for your MacBook Air/Pro

  • Priority Access to Support- AppleCare+ brings priority access to technical support via chat or phone. It means you have to wait less to reach an Apple expert.
  • Global Repair Coverage- You can get repair coverage from anywhere across the globe. AppleCare+ offers carry-in repair through an Apple Store or an Apple-authorized service provider.
  • Mail-in repair for MacBooks- You can also mail in your MacBook Air or Pro to an Apple store. You can use the prepaid shipping box from Apple to get this done.

    Hardware Coverage

    Through global repair coverage, AppleCare+ offers the following benefits in the hardware section.

    1. MacBook
    2. Battery
    3. Accessories
    4. RAM

    In addition to these, hardware coverage from AppleCare+ offers unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection.

    Software Coverage

    The software support aspect of AppleCare+ offers Apple expert-lead assistance for the following points:

    1. macOS
    2. iCloud
    3. Apple-branded apps
    4. Printers and wireless networks

    Sometimes, the support system may ask the user to refer to how-to guides.

    How Much Does AppleCare+ Cost?

    Apple offers different pricing plans for different MacBook Air/Pro models. You can save money by choosing a three-year plan as well:

    MacBook Air 13-inch M2: $64.99 per year; $179 for 3 years

    MacBook Air 13-inch M3: $69.99 per year; $199 for 3 years

    MacBook Air 15-inch M3: $79.99 per year; $229 for 3 years

    MacBook Pro 14-inch: $99.99 per year; $279 for 3 years

    MacBook Pro 16-inch: $149.99 per year; $399 for 3 years

    AppleCare+ for MacBook Air/Pro: Asterisks Explained

    It is important to understand the conditions for each benefit from AppleCare+ for Mac.

    Hardware Damage

    Even though you can redeem unlimited instances of accidental damage protection, each of these redemptions is subject to a service fee.

    For both screen damage and external enclosure damage, you have to pay a service fee of $99.

    On the other hand, other accidental damages will incur a service fee of $299. Both these figures are exclusive of taxes.

    Battery Service

    Battery service from AppleCare+ for Mac is applicable if and only when the capacity is less than 80%. That is, even if you face battery backup issues, AppleCare+ for Mac will not do anything if the battery capacity is higher than 80%.

    Is AppleCare+ Worth It for MacBook Air/Pro in 2024?

    Depending on the MacBook Air/Pro model, you have to pay anywhere between $64.99 to $149.99 per year for AppleCare+. Considering that the M2 MacBook Air 13-inch retails for less than $999, the price for AppleCare+ is less than 10% of the major investment.

    While there is a service fee of $99 and $299 for screen and other damages, respectively, it is way less than what the replacement parts would cost. Therefore, if you anticipate accidental damages with your MacBook Pro/Air, the AppleCare+ subscription seems reasonable.

    Overall, considering that right-to-repair initiatives from Apple are still in the initial stage, we would say that AppleCare+ is worth it for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in 2024.

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