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July 19th, 2000

[7:00 AM CDT] MACWORLD Expo - Live Coverage Of Steve Jobs Keynote
by Staff

As we do with all keynote presentations, The Mac Observer will be offering live coverage of the address. For MACWORLD Expo New York, we will be covering the event direct from the keynote floor, barring any technical difficulties. The keynote starts at 9:00 AM EDT. Once the keynote begins, we will be updating this page every few minutes with live information on what is going on! The entries are being run in chronological order. so scroll to the bottom of this page for the latest information.

[6:00 AM EDT] This is a test.

[6:03 AM EDT] This is a test.

[9:19 AM EDT] Started katem but we are now live. Steve uintroduced new buttonless mouse. New keyboard.

[9:21 AM EDT] Steve showed new commercial uysing Born to be Wild song for new mouse. Steve is jumping right to talking about the G4.

[9:23 AM EDT] Steve is talking about the G4 processor in terms of the speed of light. Comparing a 500 MHz G4 to a 1 GHz Pentium III.

[9:25 AM EDT] Phil Schiller is on stage to do the Pentium vs. G4 comparison. He is using some Photoshop tests.

[9:25 AM EDT] The test is of course showing the G4 kicking butt over the PIII.

[9:27 AM EDT] This is a big test with a huge file which stresses the abilities of the G4 but does not deal with other real worlduses.

[9:27 AM EDT] We get the impression this test is being used to show the speeds of the current model while a new model of some sort is about to be introduced.

[9:28 AM EDT] The PIII took 124 seconds, the G4 took 100 seconds to do this test. Steve is introducing a dual processor G4 as per the rumors!

[9:29 AM EDT] Phil is showing the same test with the dual-G4 and it is smoking! The PIII is using Windows 2000 Pro BTW. Also, the audience is SILENT during this test. Everyone is fascinated.

[9:29 AM EDT] The dual processor unit finished the test in 61 seconds, a truly impressive feat for Photoshop users...

[9:31 AM EDT] The model line is staying at the same price, but the 450 and the 500 MHz units will be dual processor units! Very impressive

[9:33 AM EDT] All G4 units will ship with Gigabit ethernet. Very cool. What is not cool is that IBM and Motorola have still not gotten over their G4 issues.

[9:36 AM EDT] Very impressive demo of Gigabit Ethernet video streaming. Very nice. Steve uunplugged the ethernet cable in midstream to show they were live. Very funny and a great demo!

[9:37 AM EDT] Steve is touting the dual processor G4 as the fastest desktop on the planet...

[9:37 AM EDT] Steve is saying that Mac OS X will be released as a public beta in September. He also hinted that the full release might be later than January. Steve is now demoing Mac OS X.

[9:40 AM EDT] The demo includes some new features that deal with some of the criticism. Steve showed how dialogue boxes are connected to their window. This is very cool. Also showing the Finder. Hard drives can be shown on the desktop! If we understand correctly, they still will not auto-mount, but this is not confirmed. Steve is showing some of the many ways to browse for files.

[9:43 AM EDT] Showed file previewing including movies and MP3s. Showing the Dock now. Steve is moving icons around in the Dock. This is pretty cool. He is also showing the miniaturization of files to the Dock in slow motion. It looks very good.derstand correctly, they still will not auto-mount, but this is not confirmed. Steve is showing some of the many ways to browse for files.

[9:45 AM EDT] Steve is miniaturization of a QT movie (MI2 trailer) to the Dock. During the process, the movie shows the whole time. Steve also ran the "Bomb App" that crashed one app without crashing the whole thing.

[9:48 AM EDT] Bruce Chizen, president of Adobe, is on stage now talking about Adobe and Apple. He is specifically talking about the power of the dual processor G4s. That appears to be all he was here for.

[9:50 AM EDT] Kevin Browne of Microsoft is on stage demoing Office 2001. Showing Entourage, the new e-mail app in Office 2001. Showed preview feature that summarizes e-mails. Showing Palm syncing features as well. Both features are Mac only Office features.

[9:52 AM EDT] Showing Word 2001 features, also Mac only. Showing Design Wizards, and another feature that we missed. He is making a big deal about the Mac only aspects, but the audience is not really supporting him. In our opinion this is VERY cool.

[9:53 AM EDT] Showing Excel 2001, but it crashed. This is Beta software. Showing several more Mac only features. Showed some image editing abilities. Made a joke about being licensed for some MP3 files he was showing. Showing some PowerPoint features.

[9:55 AM EDT] Showed new Multiple Masters feature, Mac only, for PowerPoint. Some business folks seemed pleased. Also showed the ability to save PowerPoint presentations as QuickTime movies! Very cool!

[9:57 AM EDT] Steve is thanking Kevin Browne for the hard work from the MS Mac Business Unit. Steve is now talking about Bungie and the MS acquisition of Bungie. Introduced Ed Fries, the VP of games for MS. Ed is saying that Peter Tamte will be forming a new unit to bring all of MS's games to the Mac!

[9:59 AM EDT] Ed introduced Alex Seropiam, cofounder of Bungie. He says Halo will FOR SURE COME OUT FOR THE MAC! Alex is showing a very impressive video of Halo. This is an incredible looking game.

[10:01 AM EDT] Steve is back on stage. That was a great demo of Halo. Did we mention that? That said, Steve is talking about the iMac line now. Steve is simply reviewing the product line's history right now, but we are expecting a new model. 3.7 million sold, 211 unit per hour have sold, that's 1 every 18 seconds. Pretty cool. Steve is reiterating the new users that have come to the platform through the iMac.

[10:06 AM EDT] Steve has said that new iMacs are coming out! He going over the specs for the current model...

[10:06 AM EDT] 4 new models: Model #1 is an entry level. 350 MHz, 64 MB RAM and it comes in Indigo. Priced at US$799!

[10:08 AM EDT] 4 new models: Model #2 has FireWire. Will include iMovie. Steve says that 30% of iMac DV owners have made movies BTW. This model includes 400 MHz processor. DOES NOT INCLUDE DV PLAYER! Comes in Indigo and Ruby. This model is priced at US$999! This is great news!

[10:10 AM EDT] 4 new models: Model #3 is called iMac DV Plus. This unit ships at 450 MHz, includes FireWire and a DV player... Comes in Indigo, Ruby, and Sage. Ruby is a sharp looking color BTW. Sage is a very nice Sage Green. Looks great. He called it Graphite with a few drops of Emerald City in it. :-)

[10:12 AM EDT] 4 new models: Model #4 ships at 500 MHz. Comes in Graphite (new and improved) and Snow. This is the iMac DV Special Edition. He is brining out the Snow model. This is white tanslucent and pretty cool looking.

[10:14 AM EDT] Steve is going over the whole product line again. 5 new colors that look great, two models under US$1000, and all are available today except the US$799 model. Shipping today!

[10:16 AM EDT] Steve talked about the new deal with Circuit City deal. CC will be demoing DV cameras right next to and with iMacs. CC will also carry entire new iMac product line. This is a big deal.

[10:16 AM EDT] Steve is showing new commercials for the product. These are good commercials that follow the same vein as other Apple commercials. Sage iMac commercial has Kermit the Frog and is very funny. Snow model commercial uses "In the Wite Room" from Cream. Audience likes this a lot. Steve said he made the deal with Elvis (Ruby Ruby) himself and said that the Kermit commercial wwas the best. The audience laughed. It was funny.

[10:21 AM EDT] Steve has announced iMovie 2! Steve is demoing it now. iMovie 2 has new interface and new features. For instance, one can now add as many clips as one wants. The interface borrows from Mac OS X elements. New effects have been added as well. Steve made a movie to his parents and he is editing it on stage for us.

[10:25 AM EDT] Steve is showing new audio editing features. iMovie allows the overlaying of audio clips from one clip onto another. This is an important feature for many users. FYI, Steve mentioned his daughter Lisa in the clip and said she looked just like her mom.

[10:27 AM EDT] Steve showed the ability to slow and speed up clips and edit them into your movie. Showing a dissolve into Sepia. Very cool looking. Showing the whole movie. Incidentally, the kids in this movie are not Steve's but are the same kids of a VP (can't remember his name) who made the first iMovie commercial.

[10:30 AM EDT] Steve is obviously passionate about iMovie. We think this strikes to the core of his desire to make products that allow ordinary people do extraordinary things. He made a nice speech about it.

That said, iMovie 2 is free on new iMac models with FireWire and can be bought for US$49 over the Web by the rest of us. This will be GREAT for Apple's bottom line.

[10:33 AM EDT] Steve is now talking about iTools. He is talking about a new Home Page Builder. The new version includes many new features to automatically publish movies or other images. Stev is showing us a resume he made for himself. :-) Home Page Builder includes a host of templates and other aids for quickly developing their own home page. A VERY cool feature is the ability to move things around directly on the page! By this we mean that when you are building your Home Page, you can actualy drag around the various images around in real time to make your design. This is VERY cool.

[10:36 AM EDT] Steve is recapping Home Page Builder. He is also touting the complete experience of filing your movie, making your movie, and putting that movie on the Web. This is cool.

[10:38 AM EDT] There is ONE MORE THING! This is always the case, and we like it. Steve is adding 2 new segments to the product line!

[10:38 AM EDT] He is talking about a new model of some sort. It's a G4 for consumers. Duh, it's the Cube! Congrats to MOSR for getting it right.

[10:40 AM EDT] The buys at The MacJunkie need to eat their hat, as AppleInsider's images are correct. It's called the G4 Cube. It is 8" on all sides. It has no fan! It has a slot loading DV drive that pops out like a toaster. This thing is SMALL!

[10:44 AM EDT] This device can be accessed by turning it over and popping out a handle that allows you to lift it out and acceess anything within seconds. It comes will VERY cool speakers from Harmon KArden. Comes with the new mouse and keyboard of course. Comes with 20 GB drive, 450 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM at US$1799. Another model comes with 500 MHz unit with 30 GB drive sold through Apple Store only. Available in August at US$2299. VERY COOL STUFF!

[10:47 AM EDT] Steve is shwoing 3 new displays. First si very cool looking 17" totally flat screen CRT at US$499! This device connects to your Mac with only one cable that also carries power! Cool! Includes two USB ports.

2nd model is 15" LCD monitor for US$999. Good looking unit.

3rd is a new Cinema Diplay, also connects with only one chord!

Steve is shoing new video for these now. This video has some industry folks talking up the Cube and other units.

[10:55 AM EDT] Steve is back on stage. Almost all the models are on sale today. Steve is thanking the whole Apple team. This is an emotional message similar to one he gave in SF. He asked all the Apple folks in the audience to stand up for a round of applause. A nice touch of clout.

Steve is talking about the new mouse and says he is going to give everyone in the audience a free one. Sorry about that to the folks reading this now. :-)

It turns out that there is a ticket underneath the seat of all attendees that can be turned in for a mouse! Leave it to Steve. Needless to say, this was a great keynote. The Mac Observer will be bringing you more detailed information about all of these announcements throughout the day.

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