Amazon Alexa App on iPhone Gets Major Revamp

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iPhone users with Alexa devices can look forward to an updated app in the coming weeks. It is getting a revamp, offering increased personalization and a greater focus on first-party features (via Techcrunch).

Alexa App to Focus on Personalization and Features

Users will get an updated home screen. Instead of the Alexa button being at the bottom, it will be larger and at the top. It means there is more room for the ‘Play’ button. There will also be a reminder that users can say “Alexa” to begin performing tasks. The app will provide more tips too, such as guiding users about playing tracks via Amazon Music or managing their Alexa Shopping List. As you can see from the picture above, the focus of the home screen is now more personalized – recently played items, alarms, etc. Third-party ‘skills’ have been moved to the ‘More’ section.

Ultimately, Amazon has clearly accepted that users are only going to come to the app for Alexa specific tasks – it’s certainly how I use it, with the iPhone home screen my go-to for tasks like checking the weather. Some of those features have therefore gone from the front of the new Alexa app.

The updated version of the Amazon Alexa app is rolling out across iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices. It will be with all users by the end of August.

[Update 6 July – Video added]

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