Snapchat Voting Tools to Appear in September

Snapchat logo

Snap Inc. is in the process of rolling out Snapchat voting tools like a voter guide and voter registration (via Axios).

Snapchat Voting Tools

According to a Snap spokesperson, four features will be announced:

  • Voter Registration mini app will let users register to vote directly within Snapchat, including a tracker to monitor how many people have registered using the app.
  • Voter Guide to give users information about topics like voting by mail, ballot education, and voter registration. It will feature content from experts like the NAACP, ACLU, BallotReady, DemocracyWorks, APIA Vote, I am a Voter, Vote Early Day, and National Voter Registration Day.
  • Before You Vote mini app will help users learn about different voting options.
  • Voter Checklist will help users register to vote with information they will need.

Screenshot of Snapchat voting tools

Axios says these tools will roll out in September.

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