Shot on iPhone – Academy Award Winner Damien Chazelle Creates Vertical Cinema

Clip from Shot on iPhone Vertical Cinema

Apple released a new ‘Shot on iPhone’ video on Wednesday in which Oscar winner Damien Chazelle took famous cinematic styles and flipped them on their side. The nine-minute clip covered everything from action movies to silent films, spy movies to westerns, and showed them in vertical, as if being watched on a phone. It does rather give a new perspective on things.

Shot on iPhone Turns Cinema Vertical

The film was shot on an iPhone 11 Pro. Called ‘The Stun Double, it also featured a soundtrack by Grammy Award. winner Lorne Balfe.

A second video released at the same time showed how Mr. Chazelle went about shooting the clip.

That second video shared revealed the tricks for using a wide-angle lens, guidance on composing shots for the vertical screen. There were also insights from Academy Award winner DP Linus Sandgren, BAFTA-winning production designer Shane Valentino, and top costume designer April Napier, amongst others.

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