Amazon Stumbles with Prime Day Server Problems

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Considering how massive Amazon’s web server infrastructure is you’d think the online retailer would have enough horse power to keep up with the network load during its Amazon Prime Day sale. Turns out that wasn’t the case.

Amazon Prime Day kicked off on July 16th and wraps up today, July 17th. The company promised deals on thousands of products and it seems everyone was hoping to score a better price on something. That isn’t, however, how it played out. Shoppers complained of order failures and incessant “something went wrong” errors. Amazon said it was working to fix the issues, but even late last night we were still seeing search failures where products that should appear didn’t return any results.

There were more people looking for deals this year compared to previous years. In a statement where the company essentially said, “Look, everyone is shopping just fine. It’s only you that’s having a problem,” it noted that there were as many sales in the first hour this year as there were in the first four last year. That’s great for Amazon, but not so much for the customers who felt cheated because they couldn’t make a purchase. Maybe Amazon can make it up to them with Black Friday deals in November.

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