Apple Announces Use of Sustainable Salmon Gold

Apple resolve salmon gold mine

Apple revealed details of a partnership to support gold remining and environmental restoration efforts in Alaska – so-called salmon gold. It will work with an organization called RESOLVE which facilitates gold miners correcting environmental damage.

Apple resolve salmon gold mine

From Rose Gold to Salmon Gold

One of the problems gold mining causes is damaging the environment for salmon. RESOLVE works with local miners, environmentalists, and government agencies to fix the damage and bring these two key Alaskan industries together, hence the term salmon gold.

Apple uses small amounts of gold in some of its products. It said it will now only source gold from miners who have committed to restoring the environment. It will work RESOLVE to source sustainable gold. Jeweler Tiffany & Co. will also get gold from sustainable sources. Paula Pyers, Apple’s head of Supplier Responsibility said:

As we continue to increase our use of recycled materials, we’re seeking out innovative ways to source gold responsibly. Partnering with Tiffany, a pioneer in sustainable sourcing, as well as RESOLVE ensures Salmon Gold can be an example of how the industry can evolve.

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