Apple Car Engineers Leave for Self Driving Car Startup Zoox

Apple Car engineers get new jobs at Zoox

17 of Apple’s Project Titan car engineers have left the company and taken their skills to self driving car startup Zoox.

Apple Car engineers get new jobs at Zoox
Apple loses Project Titan engineers to Zoox

Project Titan is Apple’s self-driving electric car project. It has apparently been scaled back with some of the team reassigned to other projects and others let go while a part of the group continues with their work.

The group that left Apple specialize in braking and suspension systems for traditional cars and autonomous vehicles, according to sources speaking with Fortune.

Seeing engineers move to other companies isn’t a big surprise considering Project Titan has reportedly been refocused on self driving car systems instead of a full-on car. Many of the engineers Apple previously needed aren’t necessary any more, and others are likely moving on before their jobs are eliminated.

Apple and Zoox are staying quiet about the jobs. For Apple, that makes sense considering Project Titan was never officially confirmed, and for Zoox the tight lipped policy is likely protecting at least some of its plans.

One thought on “Apple Car Engineers Leave for Self Driving Car Startup Zoox

  • Really? Apple Car, we hardly knew ye!!!! Has any of my predictions gone wrong? Yes, the Apple Watch may or may not make me “wrong”. Jobs is rolling in his grave. Everything from styli and removable keyboards to AR glasses, fitness watches and wide screen phones – all the things that were poo poo’d on this site as “stupid” and yet copied later… yet the Mac OS continues to ROT into a piece of garbage. I regret the day I updated my Snow Leopard Mac to a newer Mac Pro with Yosemite – garbage, utter garbage. iOS feces halo effect and why? Apple car, F you Apple, it’s obvious you have NO CLUE what the F you are doing save for going to the well with phones – big deal.
    So you couldn’t even follow in the steps of Elon Musk and now you think you can pivot into AR after trashing Google? You just look dumb now, Apple.

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