Apple Supplier Foxconn Joins Partnership to Build Cars for Third Parties

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Apple supplier Foxconn and Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely announced Wednesday that they are partnering provide contract manufacturing for third-parties, Reuters reported. It adds to a growing number of stories concerning Apple and electric vehicles.

They will each hold 50% of a venture that will also provide consulting services on electric vehicle (EV) technologies to automakers, the companies said in a statement. It marks the latest move by Foxconn, a major Apple Inc supplier, into autos after a tie-up with Chinese electric car startup Byton and comes amid reports that Apple is likely to launch a self-driving electric car by 2024. For Geely, the partnership will allow it to share its first EV-focused platform, launched in September, with other automakers, according to people familiar with Geely’s plan.

Don’t Count on an Apple Car Any Time Soon

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Some news outlets claim that the Apple car could be ready for production with a revolutionary battery by 2024. Mark Gurman has a report on Thursday saying that the car is five to seven years away, which is still in the general area of a half decade.

Still, some Apple engineers on the project believe the company could release a product in five to seven years if Apple goes ahead with its plans. The car is nowhere near production stage, the people said, though they did warn timelines could change. They asked not to be identified discussing sensitive, internal work. The majority of the team is currently either working from home or at the office for limited time, slowing the company’s ability to develop a full vehicle. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

That Video of an Apple Car Parking is Fake

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Car with Apple logo

There was a video making the rounds on social media recently showing an Apple Car with bizarre, round wheels. As The Drive points out, such wheels are physically impossible. The car is a 3D model of a Mercedes concept vehicle.

If you take a hard look at one about the imaginary Apple Car, you’ll see the shadows don’t match up and it’s low resolution, which camouflages the CGI seams you might spot otherwise. But still, you can bet that right now, someone is searching “Apple car” and trying to figure out a way to get on the waiting list. They’ll stand outside of the Apple store all night if they have to.

VW Boss Welcomes ‘New Competitors’ Following Apple Car Reports

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Car with Apple logo

VW CEO Herbert Diess has welcomed “new competitors” following the latest Apple Car reports.  He made the comments in a LinkedIn post spotted by iMore.

Herbert Diess responded to talk of an Apple Car in a LinkedIn post, where he was asked about Apple’s project Titan, citing an article regarding reports Apple will release an autonomous car in 2024 with breakthrough battery technology. Diess responded: “We are looking forward to new competitors who will certainly accelerate the transformation of our industry and bring in new skills. The incredible evaluation and thus the virtually unlimited access to resources inspire us a great deal of respect. A real challenge – dimensions greater than those within our industry (e.B. Toyota Motor Corporation ) As I have already said, the most valuable company in the world will once again be a mobility company – it Tesla can, Apple or may be Volkswagen AG called.” (Translated)

Reuters Says Apple Car Targeted for 2024, with Possible New Battery Tech

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The Apple Crystal Ball

Hot on the heels of Chinese-language Economic Daily News reporting that Apple was targeting September 2021 for release of its unannounced Apple Car, Reuters has a much more likely story saying that Apple is targeting 2024 for release of its auto entry.

AAPL Rides High on Electric Car News

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aapl stock

AAPL stock soared Tuesday, following news of its plans for electric car emerging production the day before.

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