Apple CarPlay 2.0 Will Be Highly Customizable to Match Automakers’ Styles

CarPlay 2.0

Apple announced a major upgrade to its in-car infotainment system, CarPlay 2.0, just like Siri 2.0, way back in 2022. While promises were made for late-2023 car announcements, only Porsche and Aston Martin have confirmed integrating CarPlay 2.0 in their 2024 models so far. This news comes after Apple’s recent WWDC event.

This new iteration ditches the one-size-fits-all approach. CarPlay 2.0 seems to be all about customization, allowing carmakers to include their brand identity through layouts and gauges on the dashboard displays. This means you might see a distinct look and feel in a Porsche compared to an Audi. Even though both run CarPlay 2.0.

Another major change is that CarPlay 2.0 won’t be limited to the infotainment screen. It can now take over all your car’s displays, including the instrument cluster. (given that you have more than one display in your car)

To envision how it might feel, imagine seeing your current speed, driving mode, and trip information right in front of you. In addition to the usual CarPlay features like navigation and music on the main screen, passengers can also get their own customized view.

Images by AutoEvolution

However, unlike Android Automotive, which comes pre-installed, CarPlay 2.0 requires an iPhone to function. This might be a hurdle for carmakers who may be hesitant to invest heavily in their vehicles for a system that only benefits a portion of their customers. As of February 2024, iPhones had a 60.77% market share in the US mobile market.

Even though it can now be more immersed in the brand of the company, the success of CarPlay 2.0 relies on convincing carmakers of its value proposition. Apple is expected to address all this and possibly announce new CarPlay partnerships at the upcoming iPhone 16 launch event in September.

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