Tim Cook chats Apple Intelligence, Privacy, and More with Marques Brownlee

Tim Cook chats Apple Intelligence, Privacy, and More with Marques Brownlee

Apple recently announced Apple Intelligence during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 24) keynote on Monday, and Tim Cook doesn’t seem to stop talking about it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat with Marques Brownlee, the man behind the MKBHD YouTube channel. In the interview, Tim Cook discussed several WWDC announcements, including iOS 18, Apple Intelligence, and some previously launched Apple products.

Interestingly, Cook recently revealed why Apple chooses to call it Apple Intelligence, instead of Artificial Intelligence. During an interview with The Washington Post, “It seemed sort of a logical conclusion after looking at so many names,” said Cook. “It was sort of calling it what it is.”

Cook Says Apple Isn’t Entirely New to Generative AI

The host, Marques Brownlee, begins by asking how Apple defines AI because Apple has avoided using the term for a while. But Cook has a unique approach to this. “It’s at the root of the watch. I mean you think about things like crash detection, fall detection, and things like AFib… all of this is machine learning at the end of the day. But what has captured people’s imagination is generative AI,” said Cook.

What’s intriguing is that throughout the talk, Cook kept coming back to the idea of privacy. Apple is super committed to keeping users’ data safe, according to him. He talked about things like Private Cloud Compute, which helps keep data private while still using AI to make things better. “Apple’s notorious for never sending anything to the cloud. Everything’s on device, because that is the most secure way to do it, and was applauded for it.”

As they were about to wrap up the talks, Brownlee tried a fun game of ranking Apple’s best products. This got Cook talking about some important moments in Apple’s past. He shared stories and thoughts that showed how Apple always aims to make amazing things, with users in mind and never settles for less.

One of the interesting moments of the interview was how Cook mentioned that the introduction of the Magic Mouse was an “incredible moment”. You can watch the full interview here. Moreover, in case you missed WWDC 2024, you can catch all the updates you missed here.

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