Apple Customers Hang on to iPads Longer Than iPhones

New data shows that Apple customers hold onto their iPads for much longer than their iPhones before upgrading. A report by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) reveals this information. This data comes after Apple recently unveiled a new lineup of iPads.

The question remains: what drives iPad upgrades? A main factor seems to be whether users feel their current device is still usable. This report examines what iPad owners do with their “old” iPads when they purchase a new one. For comparison, it also analyzes iPhone user behavior.

There is a significant difference in upgrade habits. In the twelve months ending March 2024, a substantial 67% of iPad upgraders kept their old iPads. This includes users who either gifted them to family or friends or held onto them for themselves. In contrast, only 41% of iPhone upgraders reported keeping or handing down their previous phones.

The biggest difference lies in how often iPads are passed on. One-third of pre-owned iPads are used by friends or family members, whereas only 10% of older iPhones find a second life with loved ones. This clearly shows that iPads remain functional and relevant for longer.

The report also shows a difference in trade-in behavior. Less than 5% of iPad upgraders traded in their old device compared to nearly half of iPhone upgraders. 

There’s a difference in why some users upgrade. 23% of iPad upgraders reported needing to replace a lost, stolen, or broken device, compared to only 6% of repeat iPhone buyers.

Personally, when I try to put myself in the picture, I also tend to follow a similar pattern, be it Apple products or Androids. I use my tablet way lesser compared to my phone. Hence, I believe that my phone should stay updated on the latest tech compared to my tablet.

Moreover, it’s about¬†functionality to me. I mostly only watch videos and movies on my tablet; also using it as my second screen, hence I don’t feel the need to upgrade, on the other hand, I do¬†almost everything on my phone.

Finally, here is the breakdown of the chart data

  • 67% of iPad upgraders kept (either with themselves or close ones) their old iPad (March 2024)
  • 41% of iPhone upgraders kept their old iPhone (March 2024)
  • 31% of old iPads are used by friends or family
  • 11% of old iPhones are used by friends or family
  • Less than 5% of iPad upgraders traded in their old device
  • Nearly half of iPhone upgraders traded in their old device
  • 23% of iPad upgraders replaced a lost, stolen, or broken device
  • 6% of iPhone upgraders replaced a lost, stolen, or broken device

Now that you’ve read it all, if you’re thinking if it is worth upgrading to iPad Pro 7 M4 from iPad Pro 6, here is a comparison guide for you.

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