Apple dominated the wearables market in the fourth quarter of 2019. It was in large part down the success of AirPods and AirPod Pro.

AirPods Pro have soft silicone ear-tips that seal out ambient noise.

Apple Dominates Wearables, Xiamoi in Second

Apple captured the so-called ‘hearables’ market, thanks to its AirPod and Beats products. In total, Apple shipped 43.4 per million units of wearables, capturing 36.5 percent of the market. Xiamoi came in a distant second, shipping 12.8 million units, 10.8 percent of the market (via Patently Apple).

Apple shipped 106.5 million wearable devices during the whole of 2019, leaving it with a staggering 89.5 percent share of the market. Again, Xiamoi was in second place, with 41.7 units shipped and a 35 percent market share. In total, 92.4 million smartwatches were shipped in 2019. The data was compiled by IDC.

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