Apple to Join Tech Firms at White House For Coronavirus Meeting

The white house

Apple is amongst the tech firms asked to take place in a White House meeting to discuss the response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Other firms invited included Twitter, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon (via Politico).

Tech Firms Attending White House Coronavirus Summit

Attendees from the tech giants will attend the White House summit either in person or by teleconference. It was not known at the time of this writing who from Apple will represent the firm. The conversation will be led by  U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios.

The White House appears keen to bring the tech giants together for a number of reasons. In recent days they have increasingly encouraged employees to work from home. Almost all of them have canceled events and decided not to attend other shows. Furthermore, the likes of Google, Twitter, and Facebook are battling to tackle the waves of coronavirus misinformation being spread on their platforms. Amazon has its issues too. Products like hand sanitizers are being sold at vastly inflated prices via the e-commerce giant.

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