Apple Donates to Non-Profit Encircle to Help LGBTQ

Encircle, a local nonprofit that serves young LGBTQ+ people and their families

Utah non-profit Encircle’s mission is to support young LGBTQ people with community resource centers. Apple, among others, has made donations, the company announced on Thursday.


Apple donated US$1 million dollars to Encircle, as well as iPads and other products to help the non-profit expand its virtual programs. The non-profit helps LGBTQ people and their families through services like therapy, Friendship Circles, and an open door policy for its community centers. Because of the pandemic many of these services couldn’t be offered during lockdown.

As one parent said:

Encircle gave me the confidence to be an advocate for my child, because I saw so many other parents being advocates for their children. It was very lonely at first. But here was this whole network of people that I could call. You meet these other families, and you realize you’re not alone.

So far, over 10,000 people have visited Encircle centers every year.

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