9 Images of Apple’s Beautiful, Colorful New Fifth Ave Cube in NYC

Apple will soon be reopening its famous Fifth Ave “Cube” retail location, and it’s simply stunning. Our old friend Michael Mendelsohn was kind enough to stop by and take some pics for us this weekend, the prefect distraction the night before Apple’s iPhone 11 media event.

The photos show how colorful the new version of the Cube is, and it’s reflective, too. The company told The New York Post that this effect is temporary, and that it would go back to a clear look “a few days before it opens.”

This is the third makeover for the Cube. Originally constructed from 90 enormous glass panels, Apple rebuilt it using just 15 larger panels in 2011.

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John Kheit

The cube now has a little awning or was that always there? Doesnt seem like the kind of thing Steve would have approved.