Apple Admits its Free iCloud Storage Isn’t Enough; Offers a Promotion

Apple is partnering with the Big Four carriers in the U.S. to offer 200GB of free iCloud storage for two months, just in time for the new iPhones.Screenshot of iCloud storage tiers

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Free iCloud Storage

Normally the 200GB iCloud tier costs US$2.99/month. It’s only available though to new iCloud customers. Between the lines of course, Apple is admitting that its free iCloud tier of 5GB is simply not enough.

Introduced in 2011, iCloud debuted with 5GB of free storage and that hasn’t changed in seven years. Apple has made changes to iCloud storage, such as reducing the prices of paid tiers and replacing the 1TB tier with 2TB.

Additionally, since May of 2018 Apple started giving customers 30 day free trials for new subscriptions to each storage tier. So really, in this new promotion you’re only getting an extra month.

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3 thoughts on “Apple Admits its Free iCloud Storage Isn’t Enough; Offers a Promotion

  • I laughed when they added the 2GB tier. I don’t need 2 TB, or even 1. What I need is something between 200GB, not enough for my pictures, documents, and other files, and 1TB, which is way more than I need or want to pay for. Something in the 500-600GB range would be perfect.

    And I mean seriously, do you know how LONG it would take to upload 2TB of data?

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