Apple Has 3 New Spots to Promote Apple Pay Cash in iMessage

Apple Pay Cash Spot

Apple posted three new commercials promoting Apple Pay Cash to YouTube on Wednesday. The spots show Apple Pay Cash being used by family members to share costs and directly pay for stuff. Using the tagline, “They send, you spend,” they do a pretty good job of demonstrating Apple Pay Cash, a service Apple has done little to promote until now.

Apple Pay Cash allows Apple device owners to send and receive money to each other, and to use that money to pay for goods and services using Apple Pay. Users can also transfer received money to their bank account.

The first piece is called Apple Pay — They send, you spend — Gift for Dad:

The second piece is titled Apple Pay — They send, you spend — Doughnuts. This is my favorite of the bunch.

The third piece is called Apple Pay — They send, you spend — Salsa.

I’d love to hear what you think about these spots in the comments below.

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